Last modified:June 23, 2020

File sharing


Do not store personally identifiable research data (PID) on the Neuro cluster. The Committee for Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) requires that PID be secured with encryption, strong passwords, audits, etc. If you accidentally upload PID to the Neuro cluster, remove it immediately and contact to remove the data from online backups. For more information, see: CPHS Data Security Requirements.

lab members

If you get an error while reading a file, please email

To collaborate with other lab members, you may:

  1. copy files from any user’s home directory to your home directory/project folder.

  2. request a project folder and group members. The specified group members have write/delete access to all files in the project folder. This increases the risk of data loss, so I recommend limiting group membership to people who need regular write access. To request a project folder email Include the following information:

    • Project name (no spaces, up to 14 characters long). The project name must reflect the type of data or project goals - not a person.
    • List of people who will have permission to modify (and delete) any file in the project folder.

external collaborators

I can create an ftp account to share data with your collaborator(s).

Your collaborator can upload data, or download data that you place in their ftp account.

  • Send the preferred login username to One ftp account may be shared among many people.

  • Collaborators log in with a sftp client to ‘’.

  • After login, collaborators have write access to a directory called ‘upload’ in their home directory.

    For example, from the command line:

    $ sftp
    sftp> cd upload
    sftp> put filename
  • Uploaded data is located in the /ftp directory on the Neuro cluster. Uploaded data is deleted after 30 days, so copy data to your home directory (or project directory) for long-term storage.